No more diabetes updates?

I’m doubting whether I should keep posting personal updates on this blog. My initial idea with this blog was to share cybersecurity stuff, like CTF writeups. That already moved towards more Home Assistant and home automation content. I feel like my personal situation should not take over the content of this blog. We’ll see…

Status updates

So, what has happened in the last 2 months?

I’ve received the necessary medical clearing to update my driver license

So I had to get my glucose levels under control and get my eyes checked. With that out of the way, I’m good for the next 5 years on that part.

My sensor has been acting up

While I’m supposed to be replacing my sensor every 2 weeks, there have been a few occasions already where I had to swap them sooner. Usually it’ll start with the phone app complaining frequently about signal loss, up until complaning every 20 minutes (which is the cooldown period). Luckily. I’ve received replacement sensors from Abott on each occasion. It’s just annoying that I have to replace the sensor as that means I need to jab a new sensor sooner than planned, and I’m unable to get a readout of 1 hour until the sensor has warmed up (and of course the sensor fails right before dinner).

My levels have been swinging

My insuline schedule definitely isn’t on point yet. I’ve had a period of little over a week where I would be getting alarms (going low) at least once a day. Each time I’ve been able to “sugar up” just fine, but it just becomes annoying. I always carry a small bottle of Coke or a pack of grapesugar with me, just in case.

Reaction from friends/family have been hearthwarming

I notified my family as soon as I got out of the hospital and everyone was very caring. People asked me how I was handling the situation, if we needed any help, what they can do, and whether there’s anything they need to watch out for. For example, my mother-in-law loves to bake cakes. She immediately asked me to check with the diabetes dietitian what sweeteners she can use as sugar-replacement while baking. So far, she’s prepared a few cakes and puddings specially for me and they tasted great :)

I haven’t posted about my situation on social media, but I don’t hide the fact I have diabetes for anyone. Friends and colleagues will notice the sensor in my arm and will start asking questions, or I will mention it casually while we’re planning to go out for drinks or to grab some food. I’ve also notified a few people at work as soon as I went back to the office, just so would know what to do in case I would get in trouble with my glucose levels. Also, it’s quite hard to hide my phone alarming me, or just the fact I need to get an insuline shot before lunch :)


As part of staying healthy and keeping everything under controle, there are certain check-ups that you’re advised to do:

  • a yearly check of my eyesight as diabetes can affect the veins at the back of your eyes,
  • periodic visits at the podiatrist (I believe twice per year?) as diabetics run higher risks of untreated wounds on their feet,
  • between those visits, a visit to the medical pedicure to treat things like calluses on the feet and anything that may need medical treatment,
  • and of course I still meet with the endocrinologist, diabetes counselor and diabetes dietitian to keep track of my insuline schedule and to refill my prescriptions.

The future

Let’s hope I can get my glucose level managed a bit better, that’ll be an incredible boost in quality of life. I should also pick up sports again, as “sugarring up” does mean I drink more Coke and eat more sugarry foods than I used to do, which is becoming noticable on the scale :/

We’ll see what the future holds.